Prophetic Image?

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Picture #1

Below is a recent NASA image being called "Hand of God"

This image looks like a Left Hand reaching up for and destroying a face or head. Of course many "experts"  advise that this just happens to look like a hand and a face and there is nothing spiritual or supernatural here. What are the odds that nature just happens to create an image like this?  Further investigation proved to reveal  some amazing things about the image. If this were a sign or message, would not the hand be reaching down not up.....Please see Picture 2-7 below

Picture #2

Rotating  the image 180 degrees - much more begins to appear. Now it is a Right hand with more images revealed in the palm of the hand .Please see Picture 3-7 below as I describe my impressions from here

Picture #3

IN THE PALM OF THE NOW RIGHT HAND +(Highlighted green on left) Is this the Blessed Virgin Mary as described in Genesis 3:15  " I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." AND St Michael the Archangel (Highlighted green on the right)?

Please see Picture 4-7 below

Picture #4

Is this an image of the Holy Child wearing a priestly chasuble (outlined green) with His head on the shoulder of Our Lady? to the left of Our Lady and with Her on His Right Hand Side? And supported by St Michael is the cross (brown) and the light of the Holy Spirit forming a shadow of the cross (blue)? Please see Pictures 5-7 below    

Picture #5

Is that the Holy Spirit or  a Tounge of Fire/Dove above Our Lady (outlined yellow) and is that a shield of DEFENSE below the Holy Spirit (green) and to the right of St Michael -- "DEFEND US IN BATTLE - BE OUR PROTECTION FROM THE WICKEDNESS AND SNARES OF THE DEVIL"  Is that the seed (followers) of Jesus and Mary protected by Her Mantle - why are there so few?

Please see Pictures 6-7 below

Picture #6

The Master of Lies Satan prefers to disguise himself and evil. He likes to portray evil as good (Mask #1)and good as evil (Mask #2). This shows the two masks being removed (red and purple) to reveal the evil skull (yellow) being crushed by Our Lady and Her Son. She Leads us into battle against evil from the Palm of His Hand (OUR FATHER ---LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL) Please see Picture 7 

Picture #7

Is this the dark & hidden vanquished Demon oozing from the crushed head and unmasked (circled red below)?

Holy Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, Pray for us.